What does this course offer?

The “A to Z of Shotgun Shooting” is our new 5 week interactive online shotgun coaching course. This is ideal for those taking up the sport for the first time right through to competitors trying to compete at the elite end of our sport. We will help you choose the most suitable shotgun, help you to technically use it correctly and assist you in customising the firearm to your needs all the way through to helping you prepare to make an assault on the Olympic Games or any of the world’s major shotgun events.

The course consists of five interactive modules and is not specifically related to any one discipline in the world of shotgun shooting. Its generic nature is designed to take you on a pathway through the many complex issues that any shotgun shooter will face. We have reworked and added extra narrative to all of our existing YouTube videos and added a few more. These are only available to participants in the course. We have strategically catalogued the videos to help you follow a clear and concise pathway in your shotgun shooting journey. The extra bonus for members of the course is that it gives you an unprecedented access to our knowledge 24/7 through our online interactive forum and exclusive Facebook page again just for course members.

Lesson 1 – Are you left or right handed shooter?

Lesson 2 – Essential items to purchase

Lesson 3 – Choosing a shooting glasses frame

Lesson 4 – Choosing the right shotgun

Lesson 5 – Purchasing an ‘all-around’ shotgun

Lesson 6 – Common shotgun measuring terminology

Lesson 1 – The basic shotgun stance

Lesson 2 – Mounting your shotgun correctly

Lesson 3 – How do I grip the shotgun correctly?

Lesson 4 – Canting your shotgun

Lesson 5 – Yours eyes and your shotgun

Lesson 6 – Making your shotgun more user friendly

Lesson 1 – Ammunition

Lesson 2 – Patterning your shotgun

Lesson 3 – Customising your shotgun

Lesson 4 – Understanding different forms of lead

Lesson 5 – Your shotgun’s choke

Lesson 6 – Shooting at night

Lesson 1 – Customising your basic stance

Lesson 2 – Modifying your stock to control perceived recoil

Lesson 3 – Customising your shotgun some more

Lesson 4 – More optional add-ons

Lesson 5 – Practising at home

Lesson 6 – Can you read target breaks?

Lesson 1 – Perfecting your pre-shot routine

Lesson 2 – Recording your shooting data

Lesson 3 – Setting goals

Lesson 4 – Basic fitness for shotgunners

Lesson 5 – Mastering your mental game

Lesson 6 – The key fundamentals you need to master

Our Course in Questions and Answers

Yes, of course, the video content could be watched in under one day, but we don’t advise this. Many of the lessons are quite complex and will involve you re-watching the tutorial several times and in many case you will need to visit a range to practically use your shotgun. We suggest one lesson per day for 5 weeks.

Many are the same, but all have extra narrative and they have been structured in a progressive manner where one video feeds into the next. The additional dialogue on all these videos will help explain the pathway you should follow as you progress through the sport. The fifth module has several completely new video lessons that will only be available to participants in this course.

No, we have tried to make the course completely generic. Even though we often use Trap, Skeet or Sporting Ranges to help demonstrate specific issues the basic shotgun fundamentals demonstrate can generally be applied to all shotgun shooting scenarios.

No, not at all. The course is designed from the point of view of an absolute beginner. We create a pathway for you to follow from the time you pick up your first shotgun until the time you are preparing to compete at the Olympic Games.

Not at this stage, although we are looking at the possibility of in the future of adding text in other languages to the videos and worksheets.

No, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you like through our online question and answer forum if you do not want to use our exclusive Facebook page that is only available to users of the course.

There is no expiry date. Once you join the course you have the ability to take an active part in both forums as long as you are involved in the sport?

Not really. As long as you can understand how to use a computer and access the information we provide and then of course can access a shooting facility to practice what we are advising then age is no barrier. Young or old.

Not at all. One of the benefits of this course is that the first module should be able to help you decide on the type of shotgun you may need to pursue a specific discipline of shotgun shooting.

Absolutely. The course is largely generic in its nature. Shooting clay targets is often referred to in many of the lessons, but in reality everything we discuss in this course can easily be applied to hunting scenarios.

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