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Improve your existing shooting skills with Russell or Lauryn Mark. Now available online!


Key Details


$225 AUD per person


Offered year-round


No set duration

Participation requirements

The client will need to submit:

  • Three requested short videos of smartphone digital quality
  • Three designated photographs
  • Some simple technical details of your shotgun’s stock
  • If possible, a brief shot pattern sample


The online coaching analysis includes instruction on:

  • Establishing fundamental techniques
  • Gun Fit
  • Stance
  • Hold Points
  • Training Advice
  • One Follow-up Email


Additional follow-up sessions can be arranged as required at an additional cost.


Russell or Lauryn Mark, click here to learn more about them

We enforce a strict ZERO BLOOD ALCOHOL & DRUG policy. No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed before or during the activity. Any suspicion of any consumption of alcohol will result in the participant not being able to handle a firearm. At most venues, bar facilities are available after the activity.

We will do our best to ensure that the day is enjoyable regardless of the weather. If it is pouring rain or there is lightning we will take a break until the harsh weather passes. Otherwise, we encourage you to wear weather-appropriate clothing to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during your experience.

Comfortable clothing that is weather appropriate. It is advisable to wear flat, closed-toe shoes. No singlets, thongs, or camouflage clothing can be worn. If you wear corrective lenses for distance, it is beneficial to use them during the activity. We recommend you bring a hat and sunglasses. Jackets with big collars are discouraged as they make mounting the shotgun into the shoulder difficult.

All shooting is undertaken within the confines of an un-inhibiting safety cage. All firearms are loaded and unloaded by a qualified instructor. There has never been an accident at any of our events. All safety equipment such as safety glasses and ear protection is provided.

Being the original clay target shooting events company in Australia, we have a vast amount of expertise. We pride ourselves on providing a Gold Medal experience. One of the many ways that we do that is through the target presentation. For example, at our Werribee range, we shoot over 11 different traps at 6 different stands, which provides a presentation suitable to all ability levels.

There is a minimum age limit of twelve years. Gender is no limitation. Females have on many occasions out-performed their male counterparts during the competition section of the activity.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page!

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Shotgun Shooting Training

We Offer Shotgun Shooting Training Online

When you visit Go Shooting, we want you to have fun. We offer multiple different packages to suit beginners and advanced shooters alike. Have a look at our online shotgun shooting training package and our YouTube videos to give you a better idea of what you can expect from the oldest clay target shooting course in Australia.

What You Need to Know About Clay Target Shooting Training

The sport of clay target shooting takes place in nature, but with so many activities taking place online these days, we can give you the best chance on the course digitally. You can watch our training videos off the course before lifting your shotgun. What you should know:

  • What makes clay target shooting different is that you will be aiming and shooting at a moving target. It might sound complicated at first, but our coaches are the best in their field, and they will guide you to a guaranteed hit.
  • Watching our videos beforehand will help you get your bearings, especially if you are competitive. You can get that critical head start and learn all that you can before shooting.
  • We have an online training package. We will guide you through gun fit, stance, your mental space, and holding points on the gun. We will offer you qualified advice and a supportive follow-up email as part of the package.

Regardless of your level of capability with shooting, we can support you through our diverse packages and give you advice stemming from our 20 years in the industry.

Questions to Ask Regarding Shooting Training

Before you decide that clay target shoot isn’t for you, check out our videos, and try one of our packages so that you can see the value for yourself. Questions you may ask us:

  • Which packages do you offer? Our Discover package is 10 practice rounds with 10 recorded shots. Our Have a Go is 10 practice rounds, 20 for target competition, and advice from a coach. We also have Private, Buck and Hen, and Corporate packages that we can customise to your preference.
  • Is it safe? Before every session, we complete a full safety briefing and provide you with safety gear. We advise you to wear loose-fitting clothes as well as closed-toe shoes. Guns are always loaded and unloaded by a trained instructor.
  • Where can we go shoot? In Melbourne, you can find us in Werribee, Quandong, as well as in Yarra Valley, Yering at the Gun Club. In Brisbane, we are in Clontarf, Queensland, so the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane residents can easily drive out for a day of clay target shooting.

About Go Shooting

Experience the fun and competitive nature of clay target shooting in a safe outdoor environment. Our different packages give you the flexibility to choose what will suit your level of experience best. You don’t need any previous experience or a firearm licence to shoot our Beretta 12-gauge shotguns with low-recoil competition target ammunition.

Contact us to get started or learn more about our packages, procedures, and safety protocols.

A to Z of Shotgun Shooting